What is the difference between our solution and the traditional motion capture process?

Nowadays a significant part of movie tricks are made by software solution clearly, a significant fraction of these visions are generated by computer, which is especially budget technique instead of life-threatening stunt. Fundamental aspect (as for computer games and animation ) that these artificially generated visions affect naturally to the viewer, therefore software used in this region take a lot of digitized pictures, and other information which refer to real visions. The motion capture device is a possibility of gathering information which relative to motions, which primarily serve for human movement digitization (for example used in The Lord of the Ring movies). It can record spatial motion of some markers, from that we can produce the digital model of motion. Disadvantage is that it is not suitable to record complex shapes, textures, therefore generally laserscanners are used to this (for example in Matrix movies), which however are not suitable to scan moving bodies. In its region both solutions allow of incredible precise and trustful digitization, but none of them are suitable to scan a streaming coat or a human mimicry.

We develop such software for the movie and game industry, which can compound advantages of the above technologies and so it is suitable to scan complex moving surfaces and permit of its stereoscopic visualize(with a suitable device).