Facemotion is a part of EasyCap Studio product line, which contains software and equipments to assist digital filmmaking and post production.

Facemotion is a complete system of ours specialized to track and record facial movement. Every single software and hardware elements, which are needed during the process, are included. The software component can measure and record the movement of points stuck onto the actor's face (markers). Every single point of the moving marker cloud marks one characteristic point on the actor's face. You can define and reconstruct precisely facial movement for different facial expressions. The exported marker cloud can be used in external animation software to animate digital character's face motion. You have to match the points of the actor's face to the points of the model face.

EasyCap Studio's advanced technology guarantees you spending less time on animation works. The uniquely low price allows you using the technology in low-budget productions like commercials and short animations. It is ideal for experts in video game industry and advertising. For further information, please visit the product's website: http://easycapstudio.com.