The aim of the project is to develop a solution for digitalizing human mimicry; moreover the facial expressions shall be animated with the help of the face model.projektek képei

In a long term view our company intends to develop an optical face motion system, which is affordable even for small studios and easily applicable for everyday life. As a first step, our company is developing an optical device digitalizing human face specially. Based on the results of basic research, ECON Consulting is developing a specific software, which is able to track the characteristic points of the human face and calculate the exact 3D location of the internal points between markers. These algorithms are available as a byproduct of our researches; nevertheless the goal of the project is to transform these algorithms into a very efficient implementation while it is integrated to a user-friendly user interface. The user interface allows the user of setting various parameters as well checking the results visually. Within this project, the abovementioned user interface is being developed while its ergonomy has always been a highlighted point during the research. The ergonomy of the user interface and clear processes mean an additional value which helps to sell the future product and turn it into a necessary tool of animators. Besides, our company has been composing different hardware sets of cameras (web cameras, photo machine, HD-cameras) and has been testing their compatibility to the face motion software, simultaneously has been developing the universal interface for all types of cameras. As a result of these intentions, a cheap platform is created for the product built up from commercial goods. The flexibility guarantees the competitiveness of the future product.

The project funded by the European Union, with the European Regional Development Fund co-financing.
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